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A team well crafted.
Our ears are burning:

Echo Bay Media has spent the past dozen years circling the globe in pursuit of always getting the perfect shot. Whether in Antarctica, the Libyan Sahara or under careful scrutiny in North Korea, our team has learned to work skillfully and efficiently no matter the conditions. Hanging from a helicopter or deep inside a shipwreck at a 150 ft., we’ve filmed there.

We’re proud to say this dedication has netted us a host of awards and international acclaim. Mostly though, we’re a down-to-earth team who really enjoy what we do and we’d love to tell your story too.

Barry Imber, Creative and Co-Owner - Insite Design
For us, the creative process is like recalling a dream from which you’ve just awaken. It’s so clear. Right there. Yet the harder you work to recall it — every effort of motion you make — can take you further from that crisp fleeting picture.

To realize a creative dream, the process must be as fluid as possible and critically, the people involved have to easily see the vision so that together you can coax the dream into the physical.

The team at Echo Bay Media are such dream chasers. They see what we see and feel what we feel. They are easy travel partners that get on the ride with us and ensure an enjoyable pursuit toward bringing the idea to reality in crisp, wonderfully produced life beyond our expectations.Barry Imber, Creative and Co-Owner - Insite Design

Melanie Anne Martin, Goldcorp
The team at Echo Bay Media are true professionals, they understood my vision and brought it to life. Their teamwork and dedication helped create a documentary that was passionate, inspiring and memorable. They truly know how to make a creative vision become a reality.Melanie Anne Martin, Goldcorp
Paul La Vigne, Source For Sports
We have worked with Echo Bay Media since 2004 on Television commercial production, video storytelling and corporate videos. They are a small team, extremely professional and have always been respectful of our brand message and our budgets. They take great pride in their work, produce stellar results, and the value they deliver is outstanding.Paul La Vigne, Source For Sports
Carrie Trembinski, Director, Communications & Marketing
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation
Capturing the journey of a patient undergoing robotic surgery for his early-stage lung cancer requires a fine balance of emotional story-telling, respect for the clinical healthcare environment, and above all, compassion for subjects being filmed. Scott, Steve, Jeff and the entire Echo Bay Media team seem able to seamlessly blend their dedication to their craft with an understanding for the nuances of the organization they are working with and the environment in which they are filming. Their professionalism inspires great trust and confidence…and it’s the reason why Echo Bay is our go-to shop for creative, compelling videos that bring our stories of hope, healing and discovery to life.Carrie Trembinski, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation