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Echo Bay Media Aerials

Capturing cinematic images from the sky gives a whole new perspective on any given scene. It enables a greater scope and can often communicate in mere seconds what would take dozens of images from the ground.

Aerial images have always been one of the most sought after tools to add to any production. Until recently, this involved the tremendous costs of flying full-size aircraft and specialized camera equipment, but now aerial images are much more attainable.

Although our custom-built flying drone allows us to simply rise above what is possible on land, we prefer to look at our Phantom S1000 as a tool that achieves higher levels of creativity.

We can now see differently. We see more.

Aerial cinematography enables us to capture the impossible: shots that no dolly and track system could ever allow. Freed from gravity, in full 3D space, the cinematic opportunities are limitless. Imagine showcasing the most spectacular coastal setting to viewers, or swiftly skimming the tops of a rugged landscape with masterful precision and utter smoothness. These are the shots that make an impressive production truly captivating and award-winning.Jeff Wilson, Producer

Why choose us?

Aerial cinematography is a challenging venture that can provide tremendous rewards for your production. Having the right team to bring your vision to the screen can make the difference between audience astonishment and production disaster.

There are three main reasons why we are your best choice:

We Are Cinematographers First.

We are an internationally acclaimed and awarded team of shooters.  We’ve worked in over 60 countries, capturing breathtaking images for top broadcasters like Travel Channel and National Geographic. From the sky, from the land and from deep in the sea, we know what it takes to capture the best images, in any environment.

State of the Art Equipment.

We are flying a state-of-the-art, 8-rotor helicopter drone with a sophisticated 3-axis gimbal mount for the camera. This ensures an incredibly stable platform from which to capture the footage, resulting in higher quality images.

The footage we capture is of high-definition broadcast caliber and in RAW format permitting significant post-production manipulation for the best result using our in-house colorist. Additionally, our drone is programmed with several key safety functions to further mitigate risk to person or property on any shoot.

We Play by the Rules.

Flying drones are not toys. The size and weight of a professional-grade flying drone like ours can cause considerable damage to property, or worse, serious injury or death to people if something goes wrong.

Governments worldwide take these vehicles very seriously and can (and will) impose serious fines on projects that have not filed the appropriate paperwork or followed the ever-changing mandates of the governing bodies.

Our drone is never flown without the presence of all necessary approved paperwork and our in-house pilot holding a current license. This ensures we have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations and risks involved in a project of this nature. We operate in compliance with all federal regulations and are fully insured.


Rates and Booking

Each project is unique and comes with its own individual set of challenges and risks. Camera and lens choices, plus the specific shot or shots required will all affect the amount of time required to successfully capture the footage you seek. As a result, each budget must be individually tailored to the project at hand.

We encourage you to learn more about our team here and contact us for specific pricing for your needs.