For nearly two decades, Echo Bay Media has circled the globe, capturing perfect (and imperfect) moments, sharing them with an international audience.  No matter the conditions, whether in the frigid Antarctic, the scorching Libyan Sahara or under careful scrutiny in North Korea, our team thrives in places other production companies can’t – or won’t – venture.

Pre-Production:  Planning, foresight and permits are all crucial elements to any successful shoot, and having a wealth of international experience ensures the details are carefully considered.

Production:  With an internationally-acclaimed team led by Emmy-nominated cinematographer, Andre Dupuis, and a collection of UHD, 4K and 6K cameras, we can execute projects of varying size and scope from commercial to not-for-profit to complete broadcast series.

Post-Production: From award-winning editors, to graphic artists and animators and even an in-house colour correction suite, we can manage all aspects of post-production.

Underwater Cinematography: We are fully-licensed commercial, un-restricted SCUBA divers and DCBC certified to work not only in Canada, but also the USA, Australia, UK, South Africa, France, Norway, Mexico and many more locations globally.

Aerial Cinematography: Our pilots hold Transport Canada Advanced UAV operations licenses, with full experience in obtaining SFOC’s when necessary.  We even have a full airplane pilot on staff, and countless hours of shooting from both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft around the world.