Zach Cowley

Production Manager

B.A. in English & Film, Diploma in Television & Broadcasting

Avid traveller who has explored dozens of countries

Enthusiastic backcountry camper

During his fifteen years in the television industry, Zach has been an instrument of versatility, recognizing and implementing the needs of a project to take on virtually any role. Whether acting as a production manager in pre-production, as a producer in the field, or as an editor in post-production, there is virtually no aspect of television that Zach has not been a part of. This wealth of experience and ‘jack of all trades’ approach has been extremely beneficial in helping to streamline and connect the various stages of a production.

Combining his love of the outdoors with adventurous travel, Zach’s efforts in the field have been reflected on shows as seen on Travel Channel, Discovery US and Outside TV. When not travelling for work or leisure, Zach can often be found deep in the backcountry, clumsily carving wooden spoons by a warm open fire.